Aquatic Biology Associates provides a variety of services to meet your specific needs:

  • Experimental design consultation for freshwater ecological studies
  • Design of biomonitoring programs for trend analysis or compliance
  • Field sampling and surveys of streams, rivers, springs, lakes and wetlands
  • Endangered and sensitive freshwater invertebrate surveys and reports
  • Taxonomic identification of macroinvertebrates
  • Benthic samples
  • Fish stomach contents
  • Drift, emergence, light trap, pan trap samples
  • QA/QC and identification verification
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Length/weight regression analysis for biomass calculation
  • Data interpretation and reports

To inquire about our services please contact us. A copy of our laboratory QA/QC guidelines is available upon request.


Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc. has quantified the results of macroinvertebrate samples in the State of Idaho for two large USGS water quality projects: our Statewide Water Quality Network and the Boise River Water Quality and Biological Integrity Sampling Network. Since 1994 the USGS Idaho Water Science Center has received complete and accurate macroinvertebrate data that meet all of our data quality objectives for very reasonable prices. Bob Wisseman has given us personal and professional assistance in identifying objectives for the use of macroinvertebrate data in our water quality studies as well as helped our office in reporting results. Bob is always available to answer any questions posed to him about our data. His lab has also provided quality assurance data to help identify sampling needs to reduce analytical error.

– Dorene MacCoy, U.S., Geological Survey, Idaho