Mary Jo Wevers, PhD

maryjo2Mary Jo received her B.A. degree in Aquatic Biology in 1976 from the University of California at Santa Barbara where she studied both freshwater and marine ecosystems. She was employed as a research technician at the UCSB Marine Science Center from 1974-1976. After moving to Oregon in 1977, Mary Jo worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an analytical chemist in a lake eutrophication project. In graduate school at Oregon State University, Mary Jo studied macroinvertebrate communities in streams. After earning her M.S. in Fisheries in 1982 she was employed by the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife as a Senior Research Assistant on several watershed and stream projects. She also began work on her Ph.D. examining life history strategies of Pacific salmon. In 1988 she was hired by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to write fish management plans for the Bonneville Power Administration. She received her Ph.D. in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University in 1993. In 1995 she left ODFW to join her husband Bob Wisseman in his consulting business, which they incorporated under the name Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc. Mary Jo continues working in her roles as CEO, CFO and General Manager of ABA.

Robert W. Wisseman, M.S.
Senior Scientist

Bob received his B.A. degree in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College in Washington in 1976. As part of his undergraduate training he participated in bioassessment studies of an urban lake in Tacoma and intertidal invertebrate studies in the Nisqually Delta Estuary. In 1987 he received his M.S. degree in Aquatic Entomology from Oregon State University. Although caddisflies were the focus of his thesis and published papers, Bob gained broad experience in stream ecology as a Research Assistant at OSU from 1980-86. Using benthic invertebrate communities in freshwater to assess biological integrity was an emerging field in the 1980s. Since 1990 and continuing today, Bob assists the US Environmental Protection Agency, other federal agencies, and many western states and Canadian provinces in developing their biomonitoring programs. With his acquired knowledge of the taxonomy and biology of freshwater invertebrates, Bob began an independent laboratory as a sole proprietor in 1984. In 1995 Bob’s wife Mary Jo, joined his business and Aquatic Biology Associates, Inc. was formally incorporated. Bob is certified by the North American Benthological Society in Western EPT taxa, and is a recognized expert in western North American caddisflies.

James A. DiGiulio, M.S.
Chironomid Taxonomist

Jim earned a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan in 1973 and a Masters in Zoology from the University of Texas in 1983. While in Texas he collected and identified polychaete worms and mollusks from the Gulf Coast for the Bureau of Economic Geology. After moving to Oregon, Jim conducted doctoral research on the systematics of chalcid wasps at Oregon State University. He identified Diptera and Hymenoptera for the US Department of Agriculture. A NSF grant allowed him to assist in the production of a taxonomic handbook on North American chalcid wasps. In 1989 Jim started his own company, Valley Venoms and Allergens, Inc., which keeps him busy during the summer months. The live vespid wasps Jim collects are sold to pharmaceutical labs in North America which use the venom to make allergy shots for people with bee and wasp sting allergies. Jim joined Aquatic Biology Associates in 1990, first sorting stream samples and identifying aquatic Hemiptera. In 1998 he began identifying chironomid midges for Aquatic Biology Associates and other labs. Jim is a NABS certified taxonomist in Level 2, Group 3, Western Chironomidae, and a member of the North American Benthological Society and Entomological Society of America.

Eralee Jordan, B.S.

Eralee graduated with a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University in 1999 where she majored in Wildlife Biology and minored in Range Science. She worked as a Forest Service technician in Fishlake National Forest and authored a Hydrologic Area Report on the Tualatin River for the Rangeland Ecology and Management Department at Oregon State University. Eralee joined Aquatic Biology Associates in 1999 as a sample sorter and is an experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic member of our team. She enjoys spending time around water with her family, especially on the Oregon coast and Puget Sound.

Associate Scientists

Bob has developed and maintained relationships with many of the leading freshwater invertebrate specialists in North America and the world during his 30 year career. Aquatic Biology Associates routinely consults with taxonomic specialists to verify identifications. Aquatic Biology Associates conscientiously archives and curates invertebrate specimens from projects that are of value to the wider scientific community. We make regular donations of material specimens to the Smithsonian, Royal Ontario Museum, and individual specialists. ABA collaborates with and makes donations of specimens and literature to the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History at The College of Idaho. The bulk of the Aquatic Biology Associates collection is deposited at the Monte L. Bean Natural History Museum, Brigham Young University, Dr. Richard Baumann director.